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where users can create, own, and play with virtual assets, enabling creators to connect with their communities through NFTs.

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Why We're Here

After our team's in-depth research, we found that current NFT marketplaces cannot satisfy influencers' need of community-building, interaction, and identification of die-hard fans.

Influencers lack the resources to create high quality NFT art pieces consistently.
The value of their NFTs lies more in their own influence and community instead of the NFT itself.
Influencers rely heavily on fandom engagement when it comes to creating and selling NFTs.

Cybertino is the world's first community-focused NFT marketplace that empowers influencers and fans/artists to collaboratively create new NFTs.

With Cybertino, we aim
To empower fandoms with the privilege of becoming involved and making contributions to influencers' NFT designs.

To reward fans, materialistically and mentally, if their suggestions or designs are adopted by influencers and the community.

To form collaborations between influencers and their followers to design & create new master-layer NFTs, utilizing multiple existing base-layer NFTs.


Cybertino welcomes Duke McKenzie on board as CSO. Duke is the co-founder and board member of re6l, an influencer media company who manages top internet celebrities such as PewDiePie. Duke brings a network of access with mainstream celebrities, YouTubers, streamers and TikTokers. Development of Cybertino app the NFT marketplace begins.

Multi-year partnership with LivexLive and SocialGloves boxing event secured. Headliner event for June 2021 Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall. NFT factory smart contract goes live.

Cybertino NFT marketplace launch. Signing 20+ top influencers with more than 200 million followers across all social media platforms in total. Announcing the first batch of NFTs on the Cybertino marketplace.

Token launch and exchange listing. ETH/BSC NFT cross-chain bridge goes live.

Launch interactive and upgradeable NFTs minting platform. Onboard 30+ top influencers.

Launch social applications and community games on the Cybertino platform.

Create a developer-friendly community with a set of powerful virtual identity SDKs. The creation and customization of 3D avatars will be integrated with games and other applications.